Rwanda Interlink-Link Transport Company ltd (RICTO) is a result of a partnership between the Government of Rwanda and Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperatives (RFTC) now Jali Holdings in 2016.

In a bid to serve the public transport sector efficiently, RITCO was established to replace ONATRACOM ( Office National de Transport en Commn) which was a bus company that dated back to the 1970’s providing regional, urban and rural transport services. RFTC is a transport oriented organization that was created to provide immediate and long term solutions to transport needs in Kigali City and the rest of Rwanda.

The combined expertise of these organizations has granted Ritco a profound understanding of the transport industry.

Our Head office is located on KN 119 ST Nyamirambo and we have branches at every taxi park in the country.


Established in 2016 and officially launched on 6th February 2017, Rwanda Interlink Transport Company (RITCO) Ltd is a public-private partnership entity that was established by the Government of Rwanda to provide sustainable solutions to proliferating public transport problems for the rural, urban population and the region. Since its establishment, RITCO has been Rwanda’s fastest growing transport company with unprecedented expansion and is growing even further to serve different corners of the country and region. RITCO Ltd has and still is expanding her network in Rwanda, currently covering 86 routes and is mandated to cover 163 routes. The company holds an….

Ritco aims to provide affordable, sufficient and quality intercity connectivity and increase accessibility to developmental activities across the country and region at large.

To be the undisputed regional leader in delivering tailored transit solutions and superior services efficient to linking people with places.

 Link people with places.

  • Customer-focus: We are fair, honest and caring in our service deliver
  • Collaboration: we treat everyone equally and with respect
  • Safety and Environment: Provide the safest reliable, efficient, Eco-friendly transport system that satisfies the needs of our customers.
  • Integrity: Uphold transparency, honesty, trust and efficiency in our service delivery
  • Innovation: We anticipate mobility needs and pioneer solutions that are responsive to market dynamics
  • Result driven: Efficiently and effectively utilize resources to provide sufficient, quality and sustainable mobility solutions
    Godfrey Nkusi
    Managing Director
    Julius k. kansiime
    Director of Corporate services
    Director of Finance