RITCO link people with places

  • Ritco ltd not only aims to improve public transport services but also provides quality services and serves as role model of intercity public transport in the country using modern, comfortable vehicles and ensures secure public transportation.
  • Some of the services offered at Ritco include:
    • Transports people and luggage across the country
    • Provides valuation of all kinds of motor vehicles for both public and private institutions.
Departure places

Ritco Ltd provide transportation of people and luggage across the country, on time and at affordable price

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We have big buses with big places that can accommodate 7 tones and above , of luggage

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Vehicles valuation

Ritco ltd provide the valuation of vehicles

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Safe & Secure

Traveling with Ritco buses , you are sure to reach your destination 100% sure and safe

Fast Delivery

with Ritco buses Delivery is good and fast.
Move with us

24/7 Support

Ritco ltd supports clients for any problem ,information you want or any suggestion,
24 hours ,7 days.
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